How do I setup my Parenting Schedule?

1. Select the profile tab (bottom right tab)
2. Choose the child with whom you want set up your Parenting Schedule
3. Tap the “Parenting Schedule” icon


Press the orange plus "+" sign in the upper right hand corner


Our app has several common parenting schedules templates to choose from or a custom schedule option.

Select the parenting schedule that corresponds with your family’s schedule (e.g 2-2-3)


Each template offers a brief description of each possession schedule along with instructions on how to further customize the parenting schedule if necessary.

Press “select” on the template that corresponds to your family’s schedule


  1. Once the template has been selected you will be able to select the parameters for the parenting schedule (i.e. a start and end date, pick-up and drop-off times).
  2. You can apply the template to all children
  3. Once you have entered each parameter for your parenting schedule click “Add”


Now you can see your parenting schedule on your calendar where green circles show your days with the child(ren)


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