How do I setup my Parenting Schedule?

1. Select the profile tab (bottom right tab). 

2. Choose the child with whom you want set up your parenting schedule.  You can apply this schedule to all children in a later step.

3. Select the “Parenting Schedule” icon.




Press the orange (+) sign in the upper right hand corner.



AppClose offers several common parenting schedule templates for you
to choose from or you can create a custom schedule that corresponds
to your personalized schedule. Select the parenting schedule that best
corresponds to your current parenting schedule (e.g. 2-2-3, custom



Select any parenting schedule to view a brief description of that specific schedule along with instructions on how to further customize the schedule if necessary.


Press “Select” for the template that corresponds to your parenting schedule.



To set up your parenting schedule you must first select whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent.  

1.  Click the info circle for custodial and non-custodial definitions solely used for the purposes of this app.  

2.  Turn the button on if you are the custodial parent.  Turn the button off if you are the non-custodial parent.   


Next Steps:

  1. Once the custodial or non-custodial option has been chosen, you will be able to add further details to your parenting schedule (i.e. a start and end date, pick-up and drop-off times).
  2. You will have the option to apply this parenting schedule to all children.
  3. You will also have the option to send this parenting schedule to the other co-parent.
  4. Once you have entered all information for your parenting schedule click “Save.”



*If you are the "Custodial" parent and share your parenting schedule with the other co-parent, he/she will receive your parenting schedule in reverse as the non-custodial parent.  

*If you are the "Non-custodial" parent and share your parenting schedule with the other co-parent, he/she will receive your parenting schedule in reverse as the custodial parent.  

The other co-parent must agree to accept your parenting schedule in order for it to be applied and viewed in his/her AppClose parenting schedule.

Once your co-parent accepts your schedule, the schedule will be added to his/her AppClose parenting schedule as stated above.  




Once your parenting calendar has been shared with the other co-parent, the co-parent’s calendar will display this “Merge” message. The co-parent will then need to choose the parenting schedule(s) he/she agrees to accept from the calendars available. If the other co-parent has already set up a parenting schedule then his/her parenting schedule will be deleted and substituted with any accepted calendars.



Click “Accept” if you agree.



Your periods of possession will be indicated with green circles.






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