How do I create a new reimbursement request if one co-parent doesn’t use the app?

You still have access to all the benefits of AppClose, along with the ability to communicate and send information to the other co-parent through the app. Or, simply use the app to share useful information with family members, caregivers, or other professionals.

To add a Co-parent, click on your profile (bottom right) tab.

Tap the orange plus “+” sign and select “Co-parent”.



Enter the name for the Co-parent.



If your co-parent hasn’t connected with you yet, or if he/she chooses not to use the app, this co-parent will show that he/she is “not connected.”



To send a request to a non-connected co-parent:

  1. Select the fourth tab on the bottom "$"
  2. Select the orange plus sign in the center of the screen or in the top right-hand corner.



  1. In the title line, enter the title of this request (e.g. Dylan’s Doctor Visit).
  2. Select the non-connected recipient (e.g. Julia).



  1. Select a child or children (e.g. Dylan).
  2. Select and choose a "Request type.” The app offers several different types of request options (e.g. Reimbursement, Pick Up, Drop Off, Trade).
  3. If you selected a reimbursement request, enter the total cost for this expense.The default is set to a 50% split, but it can be altered (e.g. $100).
  4. Select a date for this request.
  5. Add any notes in the memo section (optional).
  6. Attach a document or photo of the receipt or invoice (optional).




  1. Once you’ve entered all of the necessary information, press“Send”and you will be given options for sending this request to your co-parent.  



12. Select a recipient and choose how you would like to send the request to your co-parent (e.g. via text, email, social media, etc.).



13.  Once you send a request, your co-parent will be notified that they have a new AppClose request to view. In order to open a new request, your co-parent will need to tap on the link provided.


14. Your request will show as “pending” until your co-parent accepts or declinesyour request.



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