How do I create and share an event on the calendar if one co-parent doesn’t use the app?

You still have access to all the benefits of AppClose, along with the ability to communicate and send information to the other co-parent through the app. Or, simply use the app to share useful information with family members, caregivers, or other professionals.

To add a Co-parent, click on your profile (bottom right) tab.

Tap the orange plus “+” sign and select “Co-parent”.



Enter the name for the Co-Parent.


If your co-parent hasn’t connected with you yet, or if he/she chooses not to use the app, this co-parent will show that he/she is “not connected.”


To send an event to a non-connected co-parent:

  1. Select the calendar icon (bottom, middle tab).
  2. Choose the event date and click on it.


 3. Tap the orange plus “+”sign to add a new event on the chosen date.


 4. Once on the “Add an event” page you will need to:


  1. Create a title (e.g. Dylan’s birthday);
  2. Select a child (e.g. Dylan);
  3. Select with whom to share the event (e.g. Julia);
  4. Select the event’s location (e.g. Home Slice Pizza);
  5. Choose the start and end date(s) and time(s);
  6. Choose a repeat option as it applies;
  7. Set a reminder (optional);
  8. Add any notes in the memo section (optional); and
  9. Attach a document or photo (optional).


5. Once you’ve entered all of the necessary information, press“Create”and you will be given options for selecting a recipient and sending this event to your co-parent.



  1. Select a recipient (e.g. Julia).


 7. Choose how you would like to send the request to your co-parent (e.g. via text, email, social media, etc.).


 8. Once you send an event, your co-parent will be notified that they have a new AppClose event to view. In order to open a new event, your co-parent will need to tap on the link provided and select “Add to calendar” to add the event to his/her calendar.



 9.You can now click on the event date and view this event in your calendar.


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