How do I add and share medical, measurements, education, or other information with my co-parent or a third party?

  1. Select the profile tab (bottom right tab).
  2. Select the child for whom you would like to add medical, measurements, education, etc.
  3. Select "Medical.
  4.  1.png


The app offers several different medical categories.

For example, if you want to add your child’s doctor information, tap on the orange plus “+” sign.



Tap “Doctor”.



  1. Enter the doctor’s name, phone number, email, occupation (specialty), and address OR import this information from your contacts.  
  2. If you would like to share this information with a connected co-parent or third party, select “Share with”.
  3. Tap “Save”to save or share the information.


To share this information, click “Yes”.



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