If I am a third party, how do I connect to a co-parent?

Once you’ve created your profile, you need to create a circle.  Tap the orange “+” sign to create a circle.




  1.  Choose “Third Party” as your role.

  2. Click the orange arrow to proceed.



  1. Select your third-party role.
  2. Click the orange arrow to proceed. 



To join a circle, you must connect to a co-parent.

  1. Search for a co-parent by importing the data from your contacts or by manually entering an email or phone number for that person.
  2. Click “Search”.



If an AppClose account is found for this co-parent:

  1. Tap on the co-parent’s name.
    2. Click “Send a request”



Click “Done”.



If a co-parent does not have an AppClose account or has chosen not to be visible by search:

  1. Enter the co-parent’s name.
    2. Click “Request to connect”.



To send an invitation link, click “Send”.



 Choose how you'd like to send the invitation link (via text, email, social media, etc.).






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