How do I create an Events & Activities calendar?

1. Select the calendar icon.

2. Select the  icon.


Tap “Add calendar”


Select the “Parenting” category.


  1. Select “Events & Activities”.
  2. Select “Add calendars”.


  1. Optional: If you would like to share this calendar template with a connected co-parent or third party, select “Share with” and choose any connected recipient(s) for this calendar template.

As an AppClose user, you can only share calendar templates with other connected AppClose users. When a calendar template is shared with another connected co-parent or third party, that person immediately receives a blank calendar template in his/her AppClose account. Your calendar entries will be not be shared with a connected co-parent or third party unless you specifically choose to share individual events, appointments, expenses, or requests with that person (requires another step) using that calendar. 

By sharing a calendar template, you are creating a calendar for a connected co-parent or third party to use when you choose to share an entry from that same calendar. This gives you and those you’re connected with the opportunity to view and respond to events, appointments, expenses, and requests using the same type of calendar.  If you choose not to share a calendar template before sharing an individual event, appointment, expense, or request from that calendar, the information you send will be placed in the other person’s default calendar. That person can leave the information in his/her default calendar or move the information to another calendar they’ve created if they so choose.  You only need to share a calendar template for each calendar one time. 

You cannot share a calendar template with a non-connected co-parent or third party.   

Optional: Choose a color for this calendar.

2. Click “Save”.


You will find this “Events & Activities” calendar in your list of calendars. 



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