How do I send money through ipayou?

  1. Select the $ icon.
  2. Log in to your ipayou account.


Select "Send Money".




  1. Select a recipient.

    *In order to make a payment to another party using ipayou, the other party must be a registered AppClose user and link his/her AppClose account to ipayou.
  2. Enter the amount you want to send. Optional: Include a memo regarding this payment.
  3. Tap the orange arrow to proceed.



  1. Verify and confirm the details for this payment. If you agree with the AppClose and Dwolla Terms of Service and Privacy Policy agreements, check the box to confirm.
  2. Click “Send money”.



To proceed, click “Ok” or cancel this transaction.



Click “Done” once your payment has been sent.


Can I cancel a payment I made through ipayou? 

If your payment is still pending you have the ability to cancel the transaction. 

  1. Select the icon.

    2. Select “Cancel transaction”.


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