Expense Tracker

To utilize the functions in your expense tracker:

1. Select the calendar icon.

2. Select the  icon (top left corner) and choose “All Calendars” to view all expenses recorded in your calendars. You can also choose to view expenses recorded in individual calendars (e.g. “Expenses & Requests”).

3. Select the statistics icon to view your expense tracker.



1. Confirm your statistics screen is set to “EXPENSES” to view all of your recorded expenses within the specified data range.

2. View the graph to see an overall picture of your expense amounts by category within the specified data range.

3. View your expense totals by category within the specified data range.

4. To submit any of these expenses for reimbursement, click the green arrow to the right.

5.  Choose “All” if you would like to view all expenses on this screen within the specified data range.  You can also choose to view any expenses “Sent” or “Received”

6. This is your specified data range for your expense tracker. To change this data range, click here and select a new data range.

7. Click the orange + icon to create and categorize a new expense.

8. To export expenses for the designated data range, select the export icon.



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