How do I accept a parenting schedule?

When a parenting schedule is shared with you, your calendar will display a “Merge” message.


  1. Choose the child that matches the same child in your co-parent’s circle. Choose more than one child if the schedule shared applies to more than one child.


  1. The parenting schedule(s) shared with you will be displayed below the children in your circle. If you choose to accept a shared schedule, and you already have a parenting schedule in place for the specified time period, your parenting schedule will be deleted and substituted with any accepted calendars.


 Select the box next to any parenting schedule you want to accept and then click “Merge”



Click “Accept” if you still want to merge the selected parenting schedule(s


When you accept a parenting schedule, your parenting time will be underlined in the color chosen for that specific parenting calendar.  Your co-parent’s parenting time will be underlined in gray. 



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