How do I create a holiday schedule?

How do I create a holiday schedule?

 You must use a parenting calendar to create and/or share a parenting schedule with a connected co-parent or third party. If you do not have a Parenting Calendar in your list of calendars, go to How do I add a Parenting Calendar? and then proceed with the instructions below. 


To set up a holiday schedule using a parenting calendar:

  1. Select the calendar icon.
  2. Select themceclip14.png icon.


Select “Parenting Calendar” or a child’s parenting calendar (i.e. “Dylan – Parenting Calendar”) to use for the holiday parenting schedule you want to create.  You will be able to merge this parenting schedule with another child’s parenting calendar in a later step if more than one child applies to the parenting schedule you want to create. 


AppClose will automatically create a parenting calendar for each child (i.e. Dylan – Parenting Calendar) when a parenting schedule is applied to a child in your circle for the first time. Parenting calendars for each child can be found in your list of calendars.


If at any point in time you choose to create an additional parenting schedule (i.e. summer break, holidays, etc.) that applies to more than one child in your circle, simply choose one child’s parenting calendar, create the parenting schedule you want, and apply it to other children in a later step.  The parenting schedule you created will automatically merge for any other children selected for that parenting schedule.  The same applies to swap days requests. This gives you the ability to easily merge new information for multiple children or only apply it to one child at a time depending upon your situation. 



Press the orange (+) sign to create a parenting schedule.


Select “Parenting Schedule”.


  1. Select the co-parent to whom this parenting schedule will apply. If it applies to both parents, select the co-parent with whom you wish to begin.
  2. Click the orange arrow to proceed.


  1. Select the child(ren) to whom this parenting schedule will apply.
  2. Press the orange arrow to proceed.


  1. Select “Holidays” to create a holiday schedule.
  2. Press the orange arrow to proceed.



Tap “Holiday”.


  1. Select a holiday or create a custom holiday.

Example: If you have parenting time with your child during the Christmas holidays, select “Christmas Day” and choose the time period for this holiday parenting time in the next step.  If you’d like to schedule parenting time during your child’s birthday, fall break, spring break, or another holiday not listed, create a custom holiday schedule. 

*Holiday schedules will override any parenting schedule and/or summer break schedule previously created (during this specific time period only). 

  1. Tap “Select”.


Select the date period for this holiday schedule.

Enter the pick-up and drop off times for this holiday schedule. 

Select “Create” when finished.


Your parenting time will be underlined in the color chosen for this parenting calendar.  Your co-parent’s parenting time will be underlined in gray. 



Once a parenting schedule has been shared with a connected co-parent or third party, the recipient’s calendar will display a “Merge” message. The recipient will then need to choose the parenting schedule(s) he/she agrees to accept from the calendars available. If the recipient has already set up a parenting schedule, his/her parenting schedule will be deleted and substituted with any accepted calendars.











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