I downloaded the new app. Where do I find my ipayou account information?


  AppClose is excited to release its new and improved version of the app – AppClose 3.0! DON'T WORRY! AppClose will remain a FREE App. When you receive an update notice for the app, please download the latest version from the App Store or Google Play Store. Older versions of the app will no longer be supported, but rest assured, all of your information will be SAFESECURE, and AVAILABLE in the new app! 

Once the AppClose 3.0 version is available and you have downloaded the new app from the App Store or Google Play Store, follow the instructions below to find this information in the new app.


ipayou account information

To log in to your ipayou account:  

  1. Select the $ icon.
  2. Log in to your ipayou account.



You can send and receive payments through AppClose using ipayou if your ipayou account is verified and you have added a funding source to your ipayou account.  However, in order to make a payment to another party using ipayou, the other party must be a registered AppClose user (and have downloaded the new version of the app) and link his/her AppClose account to ipayou. 


To send money, view your transaction history, or add a funding source, select an option from the menu. 



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