How do I cancel a reimbursement request?

*You will only be able to cancel a reimbursement request if your request is still pending.

  1. Select the calendar icon.
  2. Select the icon. From your list of calendars, choose “All Calendars” or the calendar where you recorded the reimbursement request you want to cancel (e.g. “Expenses & Requests”).  
  3. Select the statistics icon at the bottom of the screen.



  1. Confirm this screen is set to “REIMBURSEMENTS”.
  2. Confirm the data range for the reimbursement request(s) you want to cancel.
  3. To view reimbursement requests sent by you, select “All” or “Sent”.
  4. The status of your reimbursement requests (within the specified data range) are organized in the following categories for your review: Pending, Approved, Declined, Paid, and CancelledClick on “Pending” to view all pending reimbursement requests.



Select the pending reimbursement request that you want to cancel. 


Your request will show as “pending” until your request is approved or declined.   



Select the mceclip0.png  icon.



Select “Cancel Request”.



Click “Yes” if you are sure you want to cancel this request. 


Your request will show as “cancelled” after you cancel a request.



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