How do I check-in to create a record of dates and times that I arrive or depart a location?

Our Check-in feature allows you to create a record of dates and times that you arrive or depart any location.  This record is only visible to you and cannot be seen by anyone in your circle (including the other co-parent) and it cannot be used by anyone to track you.

 To start using the Check-in feature:

1. When you are at the location where you want to check-in, select the profile tab (bottom right corner).

2. Click on your profile icon.

3. Click on the Check-in icon.



To add a check-in, tap the orange (+) sign.



If you receive this pop-up message, you must allow AppClose to access your location in order to proceed.  Select “Allow While Using App” or “Allow Once”. 


Select “Ok” to proceed.


Location services will automatically select the address of your location.  If this address is slightly off or you want to add additional information to the address (i.e. John’s residence, McDonald’s, etc.), click on it to revise the address information. 

1. Location services will automatically set the coordinates of your location as illustrated on the map. This cannot be changed.

2. Optional: Add a memo, such as a reason for being at that particular location (i.e. an exchange).

3. Turn on the Check-in button.

4. Select the co-parent, child(ren), and/or third party who is with you at this location. *This check-in is never shared with the people selected. This information is only for your records.

5. Tap “Check-in”.



To view the details of a check-in, select the check-in you wish to view. 



To export Check-in records:

1. Select the data range for the check-ins you want to export. You may also search check-ins by location.

2. Click the export icon.






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