How do I add additional funding sources to my ipayou account?

1. Select the ipayou icon at the bottom of your screen.

2. Select “Funding Sources”.



Tap the orange (+) sign to add a funding source.




Select “Continue” if you agree to the Plaid End User Privacy Policy.  *AppClose uses Plaid to securely link your financial institution to your ipayou account. 




Select the bank for the funding source you want to add.  If you don’t see the name of your bank, use the search tool at the top of your screen.



Enter your user name and password for the bank selected.

Tap “Submit” to proceed.



1. Select the account you would like to use as a funding source for your ipayou account 2.Tap “Continue” to proceed.



You can change your primary funding source by clicking “Make primary” under the bank account you want to make primary. 




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