How do I enable audio and video calling?

Audio and video calls need to be enabled for each person in your circle you wish to call. To enable calling for a specific contact:

Log in to AppClose on your mobile device

Select the ‘Contact’ icon at the bottom of your screen.

From the contact screen, select the person you wish to call and click the ‘pencil’ icon next to their name to change their settings:





Set the Enable Calls toggle switch to ‘on’. Then, specify whether you’d to enable audio calls, video calls, or both:





Your contact will receive a message from you requesting permission to accept calls from you:




Once your contact allows audio and/or video calls from you, you will be able to make calls to that contact from your chat window with that contact!

If your contact hasn’t yet allowed calls from you, each time you attempt a call, you’ll see a message indicating that the contact must accept audio/video calls. You can resend an invitation directly from this screen:




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