Audio and video calling overview

About audio and video calling

You can now make audio and/or video calls to co-parents or anyone in your circle, directly from within AppClose. The benefit of doing this from AppClose instead of calling mobile numbers directly is that all call history, including attempted/unanswered calls are tracked so everything is documented. 

Audio/video calling is permission-based and contact-specific. This means you can choose to accept calls from some people in your circle and not others. To use the calling feature, you and members in your circle you wish to call, need to enable and allow audio and/or video calling from each other.  If you’d prefer to keep your communication in writing for an individual, you can simply deny calling from that circle- member and use chat instead. You change your settings at any time to block calls from specific individuals. 

Once calls are enabled, initiating a call is as simple as clicking a phone icon (for audio calls) or camera icon (for video calls) from your chat screen with your co-parent or another member of your circle.

Privacy and security

Calls made via AppClose are secure and private. The AppClose application does not allow calls to be recorded, and it does not record the location of either party in the call.  Call records (calls, attempted calls, and missed calls) do appear in your communication history and can be exported and printed as needed.  


Make FREE Audio and video calls! We’ll send a courtesy notice 30 days before this special offer ends. Afterward, all other features remain free, and you can purchase video and audio minutes directly through your AppClose app.

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